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    Posted on November 9, 2012 by Josh in Adult Webcam, All apps.

    Livejasmin.com Review and general information

    Livejasmin.com – it’s probably impossible for you to have not heard of this site but just in case…
    We’re talking about the most visited site in the world. Yeah, i know it sounds weird but it’s true and probably for a good reason. It’s a little more interesting to watch a sexy camgirl strip in front of camera than reading about the latest news on politics i guess…

    Livejasmin is a very reputed adult webcam site with almost 4,000,000 webcam girls and you can tell that by their mobile xxx app. It feels really serious and it’s pretty fun to use too…

    I loved it and still do, i hope you do too…

    How much does it cost?

    Just like other sites the price varies between $0.99 a minute up to $3.99 a minute for the really good and celebrity cam girls.


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    Final Words

    Livejasmin mobile app is one of the funnest apps i’ve had the pleasure to try out. This livejasmin review has been all for this app and for good reason. Visit the site and try it out, you’ll thank me later.

    visit livejasmin

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  1. mohammed6677 says:

    verey good 5 starts

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